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Can you provide the missing words from each of these Percy Jackson chapter titles?

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Bianca di _____ Makes a ChoiceA
I _____ the Cheerleading SquadB
I Play Dodgeball with _____C
Nico Buys Happy Meals for the _____D
We Hail the Taxi of _____ TormentE
We Capture a _____F
We Visit the Garden _____ EmporiumG
Annabeth Tries to Swim _____H
The Party Ponies _____I
Tyson Leads a _____J
I Become a _____ FugitiveK
I Become Supreme _____ of the BathroomL
I Put on a Few _____ Extra PoundsM
I Get a _____ Enemy for ChristmasN
My Rescue _____ Goes Very WrongO
I Take a _____ VacationP
I am Offered a _____Q
I Have the Worst Family _____ EverR
Three Old Ladies Knit the _____ of DeathS
We _____ the Eternal CityT
Grover _____ Loses His PantsU
We Take a Zebra to _____V
My Best Friend Shops for a _____ DressW
I Learn How to Grow _____Z

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