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Can you provide the missing words from each of these 'The Lord of the Rings' chapters?

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_____ the Sign of the Prancing PonyA
In the House of Tom _____B
A _____ UnmaskedC
Mount _____D
The Council of _____E
The Old _____F
The King of the _____ HallG
The Grey _____H
The Road to _____I
Flotsam and _____J
A _____ in the DarkK
Shelob's _____L
_____ TirithM
The Black Gate _____O
A Long-expected _____P
The Riders of _____R
The _____ of GondorS
The _____ of Cirith UngolT
The _____-haiU
The _____ of SarumanV
The _____ RiderW

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