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Can you provide the missing words from each of these Family Guy episodes?

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There's Something _____ PaulieA
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 _____B
One If by _____, Two If by SeaC
Chitty Chitty _____ BangD
Road to _____E
And Then There Were _____F
Fat _____ StranglerG
Blue _____H
Emission _____I
I Dream of _____J
Stewie _____ LoisK
To _____ and Die in DixieL
_____ the QuagmiresM
A Hero Sits _____ DoorN
Mind _____ MurderO
I Am _____, Hear Me RoarP
North by North _____Q
_____ to the MultiverseR
Lois Kills _____S
He's _____ Sexy for His Fat T
A Lot Going on _____U
The 2,000-Year-Old _____V
A Fish Out of _____W
Scammed _____Y
The Tan Aquatic with Steve _____Z

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