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Can you provide the missing words from each of these Computer acronyms?

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Random-_____ MemoryA - RAM
_____ Input/Output SystemB - BIOS
Peripheral _____ InterconnectC - PCI
_____ Name SystemD - DNS
Light-_____ DiodeE - LED
Portable Document _____F - PDF
_____ User InterfaceG - GUI
_____ Disk DriveH - HDD
Graphics _____ FormatI - GIF
_____ Photographic Experts GroupJ - JPEG
Software Development _____K - SDK
Dynamic _____ LibraryL - DLL
Read Only _____M - ROM
Portable _____ GraphicN - PNG
Search Engine _____O - SEO
File Transfer _____P - FTP
Structured _____ LanguageQ - SQL
Digital Video _____R - DVR
Cascading Style _____S - CSS
Rich _____ FormatT - RTF
_____ Resource LocatorU - URL
Scalable _____ GraphicsV - SVG
World _____ WebW - WWW
Asynchronous Javascript and _____X - AJAX
_____ 2000Y - Y2K
_____ Insertion ForceZ - ZIF

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