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Can you provide the missing words from each of these Adventure games?

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Indiana Jones: The Fate Of _____A
_____ Sword VI: The Serpent's CurseB
Art of Murder: _____ of DestinyC
_____ Of The TentacleD
Agatha Christie: _____ Under the SunE
_____ ThrottleF
_____ FandangoG
Lost _____H
_____ Jones and the Last CrusadeI
The Longest _____J
Gabriel _____: Sins Of The FathersK
Still ______L
The Secret of _____ IslandM
Discworld _____N
Titanic: Adventure _____ of TimeO
Phantasmagoria: A _____ of FleshP
_____ for Glory V: Dragon FireQ
Tomb _____R
_____ & Max: Hit The RoadS
Game of _____T
_____: Operation WintersunU
Ace _____V
_____ and Gromit's Grand AdventuresW
The _____-Files GameX
Manhunter: New _____Y
Kentucky Route _____Z

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