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QUIZ: Can you identify the correct decade for these events? For 1990-1999 enter 9, and for 2000-2009 enter 0.

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Event19(9)0s or 20(0)0s
September 11 attacks in the US
Kim Jong-il took control of North Korea
Madeleine Albright became US Secretary of State
Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook
Lech Walesa became the President of Poland
'Titanic' movie released
Netherlands first to legalize same-sex marriages
Tsunami in Indian Ocean killed 280,000+ people
Saddam Hussein captured and executed
Apple Computers revealed the iMac computer
Tiger Woods won his first Masters Tournament
Timor Leste gained independence from Indonesia
Aung San Suu Kyi recieved Nobel Peace Prize
Concorde retired
George W. Bush elected as President of the US
Event19(9)0s or 20(0)0s
Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia
Benazir Bhutto assassinated in Pakistan
Viagra, male impotence drug became available
Nirvana released 'Nevermind'
Space station Mir deorbited
The European Union established
The file-sharing service Napster created
Video game console PlayStation (PS1) released
The Human Genome Project is completed
Columbine High School massacre
Johnny Cash died
First broadcast of American Idol
Boris Yeltsin first elected President of Russia
'The Fellowship of the Ring' movie released
Sporcle launched

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