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how many bobblehead are there?
where can you find a man called Harkness?
what powerful enemy lives in old olney?
what perk allows for epic, gross kill is and out of VATS?
where do you go to improve the inventory of the trader caravans?
what is the name of the weapon that Mr Crowley gives you at the start of a quest?
what is the name of the causican girl that is with Dukov?
what is the starting weight capacity when your SPECIAL is 10?
what SPECIAL affects the amount of health you start with?
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what is the name of the Enclave base?
where is the place you can find a dead overtime suddendeath gang member?
what is the name of your mother?
what is Elder Lyon's first name?
what is the name of the man who lives in Girdershade?
how much health does a deathclaw have?
how many schematics for the bottlecap mine are there?
what ammo type does the Firelance use?
Is it possible to get the uber massive teddy bear in the doorway of one of the sat-com arrays?

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