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Which player made the most consecutive appearances for Stoke (from 1960-63)?
How many points did Stoke finish with in the 1984-85 season?
Which player has made the most substitute appearances for Stoke in all competitions (2006-2012)?
Who beat Stoke in the 1964 League Cup final?
In which year did they adopt the name 'City'?
Who crossed the ball for Akinbiyi to score the winner against Reading in 2003 to keep Stoke in the Championship?
Who scored Stoke's first ever 'European goal' in 1972?
Stoke's record victory was 26-0 against which team?
Who was the first Stoke City player to be capped by England (in 1884)?
In which year were Stoke City formed (as Stoke Ramblers)?
Stoke's record transfer fee received was for which player?
The roof of which stand was blown off in 1976?
Who was appointed manager in June 1960?
Who holds the record for most league goals in a season?
Which Stoke player has earned the most international caps (for any country) while playing for Stoke?
Which player won the inaugural Player of the Season award in 1977/78?
Who did Stoke beat in the Autoglass Trophy final in 1992?
Who scored the first competitive goal under Mark Hughes?
Which company were Stoke's first shirt sponsor?
For how many years did Stoke play at the Victoria Ground?

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