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Forced Order
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Which passive mob will an untamed wolf chase and attack on sight?
Which developer's username can be used on a name tag to create color-changing sheep?
What was Minecraft originally going to be named?
How many different wool colors are there? -spell out the number-
What food in Minecraft has the highest saturation?
Which mob uses its strong arms to pick up and throw enemies?
Who composed the original soundtrack for Minecraft?
How many hearts of damage does a player need to deal in a single hit, in order to get the 'Overkill' achievement? -spell out the number-
What hostile mob never drops any items when it dies?
Which item is crafted with cobblestone to create moss stone?
What was the original name of redstone dust?
Which colors of wool appear in a desert temple?
Which enchantment increases mining speed?
Which passive mob can NOT be controlled with a lead?
What bow enchantment makes it possible to shoot endlessly with a single arrow?
What are the names of the developers of Minecraft?
Which tool can be used to safely disarm a tripwire without activating it?
What structure is generated with the same shape every time?
What item burns for the longest time as fuel in a furnace?
What is the name of the broken music disc?
Which type of armor can NOT be crafted?
The enchantment table interface includes an alphabet borrowed from which video game series?
What is the name of the new female player model added to Minecraft?
What is the name of the founder of Mojang and Minecraft?
What is the name of the gamemode that limits which blocks can break, and how they can be broken?
Saddles can be used on horses, mules, donkeys and which other mob?
Which mob will NOT become hostile to a player unless it is in a dark area?
What mob face appears on Chiseled Sanstone?
Which achievement requires to have the player craft a cake?
Which tool type can break cobwebs the quickest?
In which structure can Silverfish spawners be found?
What was the original name for Gunpowder?
Other than cows, which mob can drop leather when it is killed?

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