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How much do you know about Rutgers University New Brunswick?

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First President of Rutgers
Rutgers has the 2nd largest_____ in the state
Rutgers' largest On-Campus Student Organization
Oldest residence hall at Rutgers (Currently Open)
Newest tradition residence hall at Rutgers (not including HC)
This was the original intended school color
This was the Rutgers Mascot from 1925-1955
Rutgers is one of nine_____
Rutgers' fight song's name
Hardenbergh Hall was originally designated as such
Location of SEBS Honors housing
Location of SAS Honors housing (Busch, C/D, College Ave. Livi; in that order)
Where the Dining Hall on Livingston used to be located
Classroom Hall designed to be confusing
Rutgers Athletic Conference
Rutgers' full name from 1825-1925
Campuses that are farthest from each other
Rutgers' second oldest active athletic rival
QuestionAnswerOther Info
What website operated between the hours of (6:30 AM - 11:59 PM) Monday- Friday?
Student run Campus Security
Residence hall that was a once a military barrack(s)
Official name of the College ave. finance office
Dining Hall that caught fire in 2004
Year Rutgers got it's current name
Rutgers' Motto (English or Latin)
Original name of Livingston Campus
Year the business school building open
If you wanted to take the train into the city you would take this train line
Year that the School of Arts and Sciences was established
Whistles when a virgin girl in their senior year passes it
Last year was in 2011. Ended because students were too rowdy following the event
Academic Affiliation same as princeton
When take out closes on Sundays
Number of stops the REXL makes in total
Number of Undergrad Residence Hall
School of Engineering Honors Academy Housing

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