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TrifluridineAntiviral eye drops
GanciclovirAntiviral gel
PenciclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
AcyclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
ValacyclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
FamciclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
Varicella zoster immune globulinImmune globulin/blood product
GanciclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
ValganciclovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
CidofovirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
FoscarnetInhibits viral DNA polymerase
PalivizumabMonoclonal Antibody (provides passive immunity)
RibavirinInhibits viral RNA polymerase/increases mutations
OseltamivirNeuraminidase inhibitor (inhibits budding)
ZanamivirNeuraminidase inhibitor (inhibits budding)
AmantadineAntiviral that prevents uncoating
RimantadineAntiviral that prevents uncoating
MaravirocCCR5 inhibitor (Entry inhibitors)
EnfuvirtideFusion inhibitor (Entry inhibitors)
DelavirdineNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EfavirenzNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EtravirineNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
NevirapineNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
RilpivirineNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
AbacavirNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
DidanosineNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EmtricitabineNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
LamivudineNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
StavudineNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
TenofovirNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
ZidovudineNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
RaltegravirIntegrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
DolutegravirIntegrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
Elvitegravir + Cobicistat* (only available as a 4-drug combo product)Integrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
AtazanavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
DarunavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
FosamprenavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
IndinavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
Lopinavir/RitonavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
NelfinavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
RitonavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
SaquinavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
TipranavirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
Efavirenz + Emtricitabine + TenofovirCombo (NNRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
Lamivudine + ZidovudineCombo (NRTI, NRTI)
Rilpivirine + Tenofovir + EmtricitabineCombo (NNRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
Abacavir + LamivudineCombo (NRTI, NRTI)
Abacavir + Lamivudine + ZidovudineCombo (NRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
Emtricitabine + TenofovirCombo (NRTI, NRTI)
Elvitegravir + Cobicistat + Emtricitabine + TenofovirCombo (Integrase Inhibitor, Boosting agent, NRTI, NRTI)

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