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Can you name the Can you name the Generic given Brand and Class, Wesner

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ViropticAntiviral eye drops
ZirganAntiviral gel
DenavirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
ZoviraxInhibits viral DNA polymerase
ValtrexInhibits viral DNA polymerase
FamvirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
VariZIGImmune globulin/blood product
CytoveneInhibits viral DNA polymerase
ValcyteInhibits viral DNA polymerase
VistideInhibits viral DNA polymerase
FoscarvirInhibits viral DNA polymerase
SynagisMonoclonal Antibody (provides passive immunity)
VirazoleInhibits viral RNA polymerase/increases mutations
TamifluNeuraminidase inhibitor (inhibits budding)
RelenzaNeuraminidase inhibitor (inhibits budding)
SymmetrelAntiviral that prevents uncoating
FlumadineAntiviral that prevents uncoating
SelzentryCCR5 inhibitor (Entry inhibitors)
FuzeonFusion inhibitor (Entry inhibitors)
RescriptorNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
SustivaNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
IntelenceNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
ViramuneNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EdurantNNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
ZiagenNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
VidexNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EmtrivaNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
EpivirNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
ZeritNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
VireadNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
RetrovirNRTIs (Replication inhibitors)
IsentressIntegrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
TivicayIntegrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
Stribild *Name just the booster agent*Integrase Inhibitors (Replication inhibitors)
ReyatazProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
PrezistaProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
LexivaProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
CrixivanProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
KaletraProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
ViraceptProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
NorvirProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
InviraseProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
AptivusProtease inhibitors (Assembly inhibitors)
AtriplaCombo (NNRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
CombivirCombo (NRTI, NRTI)
CompleraCombo (NNRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
EpzicomCombo (NRTI, NRTI)
TrizivirCombo (NRTI, NRTI, NRTI)
StribildCombo (Integrase Inhibitor, Boosting agent, NRTI, NRTI)

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