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Forced Order
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Indians of Central Mexico
Sauk Chief
Navajo Dwelling
'Long Walk' Tribe
Indians of Lesser Antilles
Apache Chief 1860's
Turned down Brando's Oscar in '72
Shawnee Chief
'Trail of Tears' Indians
New Mexico Tribe, 'Ancient Ones'
Married John Rolfe
Teton Sioux Chief
Indians of Peru
over run by Aztec in 1100 AD
Lewis and Clark's Guide
Mississippi Indians
Cherokee Language Developer
Alaskan Eskimos
Indians of northeast AZ
Nez Perce Chief
Site where Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse massared Custer's men
Chiricahua and Kiowa tribe, 1890
Cliff Dwellers of Arizona
Pocahontas' English name
Seminole Chief
Anti-Pollution commercial man
Oglala Lakota Chief
Lakota belong to this tribe
Ottawa Indian Chief
State with most Indian land
Olympic Hero
Astronomers of South Mexico
Pawtucket Chief
Incan Capital
Honduras-Nicaragua Indians
Sculptors of middle America
Site where the Sioux were massacred, 1890
Iriquois House
Aztec Capital
Indian money
State with largest Indian population
1520 Confederacy
Chiricahua Apache, captured 1886
Colorado Senator
Chief who befriended Plymouth Colony
Iriquois League Founder
Aztec Leader
Indians of Southern Florida
Pocahontas' Father
Tonto portrayer
Squamish Chief
Incan City in Andes
Delaware Indian and New York Hall

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