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Muse of love poetry
Helped Theseus through the Labryinth
Fell in love with his own reflection
Abducted into Underworld
Stole fire from heaven
Muse of music
Goddess of rainbow
God of dreams
Daughters of Zeus, possessors of charm and beauty
Sorceress who helped Jason
Daughters of Zeus, goddesses of arts and learning
Goddess of the moon
Goddess who is personification of soul
Children of Uranus and Gaea
Zeus turned her into a heifer
Stopped to pick up golden apple
Theseus married this Queen of Amazons
Orpheus' wife; lost her when he looked back to see her
Helen's husband
Zeus' mother
Nymph who held Odysseus prisoner for seven years
First woman, molded from clay
Beat Athena in a weaving contest
Man who kidnapped Helen
Half man half lion
half woman half bird
Had to roll a stone uphill forever
Whirlpool across from Monster
'Second bravest' Greek; committed suicide
King of Thebes who solved riddle of Sphinx
Only thing left in Pandora's box
Cronus' father, god of the sky
Wisest greek in Trojan War
Goddess of fertility
Oedipus' mother and lover
Condemned to hold up the sky
Leander was swimming to meet?
Perseus saved her from the Titans
Pyramus' lover
Cyclops who held Odysseus prisoner
Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta
Labryinth was built for this King of Crete
Paris' father, king of Troy
Cronus' mother, goddess of earth
Monster across from whirlpool
Half eagle half lion
Greek leader in Trojan War
Daughters of Atlas
God of shephereds and flocks
Prince who fled to Rome after Trojan War
Muse of epic poetry
Zeus' father
half man half bull
Slew Minotaur, King of Athens
Jason's ship
100 eyed giant
Female warriors who cut off one breast
River of Hades with ferryman Charon
Avenging spirits
Turned Odysseus' men into swine
Muse of history
Goddesses who control human destiny
Nymphs who guard golden apple
Loved Narcissus
Had gift of prophecy, no one believed her
Muse of song and dance
Builder of Labryinth
Sculpted Galatea
Turned into a laurel tree
Man who sought Golden Fleece
Goddess of agriculture
Wife of Priam
Trojan killed by Achilles
Three sisters who had snakes for hair
He slew Medusa
Goddesses who lure sailors with songs
Flew too close to the sun; wings melted
God of the west wind
Hunter slain by Artemis
Goddess of victory
Mastered the lyre
Muse of astronomy
Beast kept in Labryinth
Drowned swimming the Hellespont
half man half horse
half man half goat
Only mortal Gorgon

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