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DescriptionIsland/ Island Group
St. Vincent's sister island
Texas island that is 100 miles long
Largest tropical island
Statue of Liberty island
Main island of Philippines
Portuguese islands in Atlantic
Antigua's sister island
Island group including Tenerife
Largest island in U.S.
Alaska's largest island
Danish islands between Iceland and Great Britain
Mallorca and Ibiza island group
Islands 500 miles northwest of Scotland
Brunei's island
Blue Grotto island
Western Canada's largest island
Europe's Largest island
Site of first hydrogen bomb test
Asia's smallest island country
Jakarta's island
Welcomed 19th century immigrants
Prison in San Francisco Bay
Guadalcanal island group
Guam island group
Indonesia's western-most main island
Island of Mt. Suribachi
Chile's Pacific island
DescriptionIsland/ Island Group
Tanzania's island
St. Croix and St. Thomas island group
Southern island of Japan
Formerly Cook Islands
Island in English Channel
Bounty mutineer's island
Formerly Malagasy Republic
Main island of Japan
Island just south of India
Islands of the world's worst airline disaster
Largest island in Mediterranean
Bikini island group
Nova Scotia island
Northern island of Japan
Europe's smallest island nation
Formerly Sandwich Islands
Ecuador's Pacific islands
Bahamas' most populous island
Site of first atomic test in Pacific
Chile and Argentina's southern island
Largest island of Netherland Antilles
Irish Sea Island
Canada's largest island
Australia's largest island
Second-largest in Mediterranean
Canada's northern-most island

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