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DescriptionBody of Water
Persian Gulf strait
Bangladesh Bay
Source of Mississippi River
Sea north of Black Sea and Crimean Peninsula
Sea between Italy and Balkan Peninsula
Strait dividing Spain and Morocco
Sea east of Australia, home to Great Barrier Reef
Canals in Venice and China
Sound south of Cape Cod
Georgia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine Sea
World's deepest lake
Strait separating Italy and Sicily
Sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia
Sea between Russia and Alaska
Sea between India and Arabian Peninsula
Sea between Greece and Turkey
World's Largest Swamp
Largest lake lying within U.S. boundaries
Sea in Israel, aka Lake Tiberius
Lake between Switzerland and France
Sea between Ireland and Great Britain
Sea east of Vietnam, west of the Philippines
Sea separating Asian and European Turkey
Lake behind Grand Coulee Dam
New York-Vermont lake
Washington State sound
Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia Sea
DescriptionBody of Water
World's highest tide
Gulf of Western Africa
Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan Sea
Lake behind Hoover Dam
Strait separating North and South islands of New Zealand
Strait between English Channel and North Sea
Swedish-Finnish Gulf
Lake behind Aswan High Dam
Canal connecting Hudson River and Great Lakes
World's largest marsh
Gulf between Iran and Arabian Peninsula
World's Saltiest body of water
Prince Edward Island gulf
World's longest freshwater lake
World's largest bay
Spanish-French Bay
Bay on Beaufort Sea
Belgium, Norway, Denmark Sea
Largest lake in South America
Sea between China and Korea
Liffey River Bay
World's largest gulf
Strait at southern end of South America
World's Largest Sea
Strait dividing Asia and North America
Deepest lake in the U.S.
World's longest strait

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