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Can you name the 70's K-Mitch style?

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This pop superstar died in 1977
First of several innovative sci-fi movies debuted in 1977
First space probe to land on Mars in 1976
Won seven Olympic gold medals at Munich in 1971
Broke Babe Ruth's home run record in 1974
He regained the heavyweight boxing title in 1978
A dam collapsed in this West Virginia town in 1972 killing 250 people
Space rockey explosion in 1970
This superband broke up in 1970
World renowned theme park opens in 1971
This computer storage device was invented in 1970
Computer operating company founded in 1975
Sports station began broadcasting in 1979
Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky in this board game
NBA adopts major shooting change in 1979
End of this war in 1973
This female broadcaster became the highest paid woman on TV in 1976
The new pope in 1978
Introduction of this CONVENIENT math tool in 1972
This Chicago skyscraper completed in 1973 was then the worlds tallest building

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