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Forced Order
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HintsAnswertype of answer
What year was the constitution ratifiedIts a year
preamblefirst three words
Article 1 describes the power of which branchLegislative, judicial, executive
Article 2 creates which branch?Legislative, judicial, executive
Article 3 establishes which branch?Legislative, judicial, executive
Direct election to the United States SenateAmmendment
Prohibition of alcoholAmmendment
Women's suffrageAmmendment
Citizenship, state due process, applies Bill of Rights to the states, revision to apportionment of Representatives, Denies public office to anyone who has rebelled against the USAmmendment
Repeals the Amendment on the Prohibition of AlcoholAmmendment
No excessive bail & fines or cruel & unusual punishmentAmmendment
Voting age nationally established as age 18Ammendment
No quartering of soldiers in private houses during peacetimeAmmendment
HintsAnswertype of answer
Revision of presidential election proceduresAmmendment
The Right of the People to keep and Bear ArmsAmmendment
Suffrage no longer restricted by raceAmmendment
Indictments; Due process; Self-incrimination; Double jeopardy, and rules for Eminent DomainAmmendment
Abolition of slavery, except as punishment for a crime-Ammendment
Freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, petitionAmmendment
Interdiction of unreasonable Searches and seizures; warrantsAmmendment
Right to a fair and speedy public trial, Notice of accusations, confronting one's accuser, Subpoenas, Right to counselAmmendment
Right to trial by jury in civil casesAmmendment
Allows federal income taxAmmendment
Presidential SuccessionAmmendment

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