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Gene Kranz, flight director at NASA during Apollo 13 graduated from Parks College in what year?
May 10, 1861 was the date of what famous battle on SLU's campus?
SLU closed West Pine Blvd between Grand and Spring to expand the quad in what year?
This man was the first president of the university.
How many fireplaces are in Samuel Cupples House?
The American Bar Association ranked what on SLU's campus 11th largest in the nation?
The MOCRA is the only what in the world?
This building was converted into the Xavier Annex.
DeMattias Hall which houses SLU's fraternities and sororities was originaly built by members of this religious order.
The Student Village has housing for this many students on campus.
The naked bronze statue in front of the Simon Recreation Center is of what famous runner?
This famous St. Louisan has been inside of the Simon Recreation Center.
Dr. Edward Doisy, a biomedical researcher at SLU's medical school won the 1943 Nobel Prize for his discovery and isolation of what?
What is the name of the cafeteria inside of the Doisy College of Health Sciences?
What two MetroBus route numbers run between both ends of campus?
Macelwane Hall houses a working what?
Scientists in the chemistry department created a nationally noted battery that runs on this source?
Alum Brian McBride was the captain for this U.S. Olympic team in 2008.
Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz donated money to build the Chaifetz Arena. For what corporation is he the CEO?
The flight simulator in McDonnell Douglas Hall is so advanced, in addition to SLU, this is the only other school in the U.S. to have one.
St. Francis Xavier College Church was built in this 19th century architectural style.
This foundation listed SLU as one of a handful of Catholic universities that are 'research extensive'.
The original patent for the Billiken design went to this Kansas City art teacher in 1908.
This is the number of colleges/schools at Saint Louis University.

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