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MCC1 deficiency WW = non-enriched grain
Hydroxylates lysine and proline
Hemolytic anemia + peripheral neuropathy
Deficiency causes microcytic anemia + aortic dissection + poor healing
Diarrhea + dermatitis + dementia
Deficiency caused by eating raw eggs
Deficiency causes decreased proprioception and hyporeflexia
Deficiency caused by Hartnup disease
Needed to convert dopamine to NE
Cofactor for formation of methylmalonyl CoA
Deficiency causes spinocerebellar ataxia + pigmented retinopathy
Essential component of Coenzyme A
Uric acid calculi 2/2 excess of...
Lip scaling + fissures at the corners
Needed for final step of incorporating odd-chain FAs into TCA
Active forms of vitamin B2
Deficiency in CF or abetalipoproteinemia
Required for metabolism of a-ketoglutarate
What are the active forms of vitamin B3
Deficiency causes dysgeusia + anosmia + perioral rash with poor healing
Important in immune Fn + mucus secreting epithelium + growth
Cofactor for transketolase
Cofactor for AcCoA to malonyl CoA conversion
Lemon-colored elderly white woman with dementia
Cofactor for pyruvate dehydrogenase
Storage form of vitamin A
Required for conversion of NE to Epi
Prolonged PT and PTT
Cofactor for ALA synthetase
Vitamin K function
MCC1 vitamin deficiency in the US
Irregular keratin deposits in the cornea
Required for DNA synthesis + odd-chain fatty acid metabolism
Bow legs ┬▒ craniotabes
Deficiency causes RBC fragility and weakness
Location of formation of 1,25-OH Vitamin D
Needed to convert pyruvate to Acetyl CoA
Deficiency causes sideroblastic anemia + peripheral neuropathy
Required for homocysteine conversion to methionine
Rachitic rosary
Pseudotumor cerebri
Reaction type that requires biotin
Cofactor for homocysteine methyltransferase
Cofactor for methylmalonyl-CoA mutase
Reduces tetrahydrofolate
Deficiency causes muscle weakness and dilated cardiomyopathy
Prevents LDL oxidation
Schilling's test concerns...
Needed for transaminase reactions
Used to treat measles
Deficiency often caused by broad spectrum Abx
Seen in pernicious anemia or chron's
Homocystinuria treated with...
In excess, synergistic with warfarin (blocks Vit K factor synthesis)
Loss of sebaceous glands
Follicular hyperkeratosis
Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord
Deficiency = megaloblastic anemia + neurologic Sx
Cofactor for pyruvate carboxylase
Impaired night vision
Cofactor for dopamine b-hydroxylase
Supplementation needed after gastrojejunostomy
Riboflavin important in what process
Cofactor in carboxylase reactions
Component of glutathione peroxidase
Diphyllobothrium latum
MCC1 thiamine deficiency in the US
Location of formation of 25-OH Vitamin D
Papilledema + seizures 2/2 ICP
Deficiency causes impaired glucose tolerance + neuropathy
Needed to convert pyruvate to oxaloacetate
Increases Ca++ and PO4- resorption
Corneal neovascularization + glossitis + cheilosis + stomatitis
Active forms = FAD and FMN
Assists in clearance of free radicals from cytosol
Increased in sarcoidosis
Protects cell membranes from lipid peroxidation
Corn-based diet causes this vitamin deficiency
Niacin is synthesized from...
Periosteal proliferation causing bone pain
Supplementation needed after gastric bypass
Deficiency causes decreased adult hair + predisposition to EtOH cirrhosis
Neutralizes free radicals, also renews Vitamin E
Scurvy = deficiency of...
Cancer that causes niacin deficiency
Binds osteoblasts to mineralize bone and cartilage
Perifollicular hemorrhages + corkscrew hairs + bleeding gums
Deficiency damages medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus and mammillary bodies
Assists in clearance of free radicals from membranes
Required for transamination to derive glucose from alanine
Squamus metaplasia of corneal epithelium
MCC1 cobalamin deficiency?
Required for homocysteine conversion to cystathionine
Bitot's spot
Deficiency caused by phenytoin, valproate, Sulfas, MTX...
Peripheral neuropathy 2/2 demyelination
Supplementation required in pregnancy
Excess causes flushing
Primary source is intestinal flora
Bear liver consumption
Found in outer layer of grain/seed
Tea and toast diet causes deficiency in...
Deficient in Hartnup disease
CNS bleeding + ecchymosis in a newborn
MCC1 vitamin D deficiency
Deficiency causes microcytic anemia 2/2 loss of Fe3+ reduction to Fe2+
Cofactor for the production of ATP
Present only in animal products
y-carboxylates glutamate residues
Microcytic hypochromic anemia + osteoprosis + skin depigmentation
Deficiency caused by strict vegan diet
Deficiency caused by isoniazid
Congestive cardiomyopathy with biV failure
Toxic levels cause hypercalcemia

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