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Telangiectasias of brain, liver, spleenSyndrome
Encephalotrigeminal angiomatosisSyndrome
ADHD and IUGRTeratogen
Retinal or cerebellar hemangioblastomas + cysts in kidney, liver, pancreasSyndrome
Bilateral CN VIII schwannomasSyndrome
Increased risk for RCCSyndrome
Chorioretinitis + hydrocephalus + intracranial calcificationInfection
TCP + Eczema + recurrent intfectionsSyndrome
PDA + cataracts + deafness + blue rashInfection
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasiaSyndrome
AD disease of capillary hemangioblastomasSyndrome
Bone deformityTeratogen
AD disease with multiple meningiomasSyndrome
Flipper limb defectsTeratogen
AD syndrome of cutaneous angiofibromas and visceral cystsSyndrome
Oral thrush + interstitial pneumonia + severe lymphopeniaInfection
Saber shins + short maxillaInfection
MCC1 congenital malformation in the USTeratogen
Absence of digitsTeratogen
Atrialized left ventricleTeratogen
Neural tube defectsTeratogen
Deafness + seizures + rashInfection
Vaginal clear cell adenocarcinomaTeratogen
Discolored teethTeratogen
Renal angiomyolipomas and cardiac rhabdomyomasSyndrome
Renal damage or agenesisTeratogen
Optic nerve gliomas + pigmented nodules in the irisSyndrome
Neurofibromas + hyperpigmented cutaneous maculesSyndrome
Congenital telangiectasias of skin and mucosaSyndrome
Cortiacal and sub-ependymal hamartomasSyndrome
CN VIII toxicityTeratogen
Vesicular lesions + temporal encephalitisInfection
Gray-baby syndromeTeratogen
Placental abruptionTeratogen
Cutaneous facial and leptomeningeal angiomasSyndrome
MR + seizures + hemiplegia + tram-tracking of the skull + facial anomalySyndrome
MCC1 mental retardation in the USTeratogen
Cartilage damageTeratogen
Notched teeth + saddle noseInfection

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