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QUIZ: Can you name the Lower Extremity Compartments?

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Forced Order
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Flexor hallicus longus m.
Nerve that pierces A-L fascia
Soleus m.
Medial foot innervation
Deep peroneal n.
1st web space innervation
Peroneus brevis m.
Principal evertor of the foot
Tibialis anterior m.
Lateral compartment innervation
Sural n.
Compartment for plantarflexion alone
Lateral foot innervation
Deep posterior compartment innervation
Principal invertor of the foot
Compartment for plantarflexion + inversion
Tibial n.
Tibialis posterior m.
Structure at risk in P-M fasciotomy
Superficial peroneal n.
Extensor digitorum longus m.
Peroneal a.
Extensor hallicus longus m.
Peroneus tertius m.
Flexor digitorum longus m.
Peroneus longus m.
Compartment for dorsiflexion
Anterior tibial a.
Posterior tibial a.
Anterior compartment innervation
Gastrocnemius m.
Plantar innervation
Superficial posterior compartment innervation
Plantaris m.
Compartment for plantarflexion + eversion
Structure at risk in A-L fasciotomy
Dorsal foot innervation

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