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MCC1 GN in HIV+ status
Negative IF with focal damage of visceral epithelial cells
Dense deposit disease
Glomerular basement membrane produced by...
Anti-GBM antibodies against T4C
What structure retains albumin in the glomerulus?
Initial manifestation of diabetic kidney Dz
Hyaline arteriolosclerosis prefers this structure
Term meaning thickened GBM w/o proliferation
Treatment for minimal change disease
Sclerosis = build up of...
Sub-endothelial IC despots with granular IF
Associated with Ab against C3-convertase
Apple-green birefringence
Mutated in Alport syndrome
JGA produces...
Crescent of fibrin and c3b with linear IF
Non-enzymatic glycosylation of the GBM
MCC1 normotensive nephrotic syndrome
Diffuse capillary-GBM thickening with spike and dome sub-epithelial ICs
Term meaning thickened GBM w/ hyper cellular glomeruli
MCC1 post-infectious GN
Diffuse proliferative GN + sub-endothelial ICs
Nodular masses in the mesangial matrix + hyaline arteriolosclerosis
Increased serum IgA + focal proliferative GN
Cause of hyper coagulability in nephrotic syndrome
LM shows nodular glomerulosclerosis with mesangial expansion and nodular thickening
Cryoglobulinemia + nephrotic syndrome
EM shows splitting of GBM by ingrowing mesangium
MCC1 nephrotic syndrome in children
Afferent arteriole flow controlled by...
Antigen associated with MGN
Inheritance of benign familial hematuria
Rheumatoid arthritis + nephrotic syndrome
Minimum proteinuria for nephrotic syndrome
Maximum proteinuria for nephritic syndrome
MCC2 chronic glomerulonephritis
PLA2R IgG4 antibodies
Lipid accumulation in visceral epithelial cells
Fibrosis = build up of...
'Lumpy bumpy' glomeruli on LM with sub-epithelial humps and granular IF + nephritic proteinuria
MCC1 chronic glomerulonephritis
Sub-endothelial ICs, granular IF, tram-tracking
MGN appears similar to what nephritic syndrome on EM/IF
Foam cells in glomerulus
Congo red stain
Term meaning parietal epithelial cell proliferation
Coarse granular sub-epithelial deposits of IgG and C3
GBM made of what type of collagen
'Wire-looping' of capillaries with hyaline thrombi
Most common inheritance of Alport syndrome
MCC2 nephrotic syndrome in adults
Sub-epithelial IC deposits with granular IF + Nephritic
Negative IF with podocyte fusion on EM
Hematuria 2-3 days after URI
Fatty casts with maltese crosses
HBV + nephrotic syndrome
MCC1 renal failure in the US
Sub-endothelial DNA-anti-DNA ICs
Infection in nephrotic syndrome
Episodic hematuria + premature HTN + s/p upper respiratory infection
Positive anti-cationic proteinase with low C3
Efferent arteriole flow controlled by...
MCC1 death in SLE
Diffuse intra-membranous deposits with tram-tracking
Diffuse thickening of membranes with sub-epithelial ICs
Anatomic area of the kidney susceptible to ischemia
Multiple myeloma + nephrotic syndrome
Hypercellular nuclei and (+)ASO
Purpuric lesions of skin + abdominal pain + hematuria
Sub-endothelial ICs with granular IF + nephrotic syndrome
'Spike and dome' on silver stain beneath VECs
MCC1 nephrotic syndrome in adults
T-cell cytokine destruction of GBM
Minimum proteinuria for nephritic syndrome
Deposits of this cause linear pattern on IF
Extremely low C3 levels
Most common form of MPGN
Focal proliferative GN with mesangial Ig deposits and granular IF
Mesangial Ig deposits with granular IF
Crescentic proliferation is an expansion of what cells?
Secondary cause of minimal change disease
Nose bleeds + hematuria + glomerulonephritis
Associated with C3 nephritic factor
Sorbitol is formed by what enzyme
Tram-tracking on EM
Deposits of this cause granular pattern on IF
'Rim pattern' of serum ANA
Diffuse proliferative GN with neutrophil infiltration
JGA found in what structure?
MCC1 GN in heroin abuse
Sub-epithelial ICs + granular IF + nephrotic
MCC1 GN in young black males
Diffuse proliferative GN + sub-epithelial ICs
Gold therapy predisposes to...
Linear IF without electron dense deposits
Hematuria 2-3 weeks after URI
Titer seen in PSGN
Nerve dz + ocular dz + deafness
Glomerular capillaries damaged by buildup of...
RBC casts are pathognomonic for
Begins with hemoptysis, rapid progression to renal failure
HCV + nephrotic syndrome
Treatment for FSGS

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