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HIV drug class binds GP41 subunit
Drug class of metformin
Didanosine drug class
HIV drug class that causes rashes
Mechanism of action of acarbose
This drug causes gallstones
Major SE of metformin
Name one long acting insulin
Class of DM drugs that binds PPARy
When do you treat high LDL in a normal 60 yo M
This class of HAART drugs shouldn't be used with rifampin
Class of DM drugs that causes calcium influx to drive release of insulin
Ritonavir drug class
Sulfonylurea target
What is the target LDL in a normal 60 yo M
DM drug binds a nuclear transcription factor regulator
DM drug causes weight gain and edema
Hepatotoxic-cardiotoxic DM drug
Statins act by affecting which lipid component
B-cell hormone analog: slows gastric emptying, stimulates satiety
Name one ultra-short acting insulin
Zidovudine drug class
How long to the peak of action to glargine
How long to the peak of intermediate acting insulin
Avoid sulfonylurea in what chronic condition
Class of DM drugs that decreases gluconeogenesis and stimulates peripheral insulin sensitivity
Avoid which DM drug in stable angina patients
Target of statin
This drug compounds the myositis effect of statins
HIV drug class that causes GI intolerance and TCP
HIV drug class prevents maturation of new viruses
Enfuvirtide drug class
This drug prevents the breakdown of GLP1
HIV drug class that causes hypersensitivity reactions
Fibrates act by affecting which lipid component
For someone with documented CAD, what is the target LDL
Name one intermediate acting insulin
B-cell hormone analog: slows gastric emptying and lowers insulin need
This drug impairs absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
Acarbose inhibits enzymatic action on what moleules
Metformin contraindicated in...
How long to the peak of short acting insulin
Drug class of glipezide
Avoid this DLD drug in patients with gout, PUD
This SE limits the use of niacin
This drug creates the perfect lipid profile (high HDL, low LDL/TG)
Major SE is weight loss
Short acting K+ channel blocker in b-cells of the pancreas
This drug is a bile acid binding resin
Nevirapine drug class
Major SE of acarbose
What is the only lipid-lowering drug ok in pregnancy
Inhibits reuptake of bile, causes GI upset
First line oral agent for DM2
Raltegravir drug class
Efavirenz drug class
HIV drug strongly linked to megaloblastic anemia
Increases LPL oxidase activity
HIV drug class that causes elevated CPK and rhabdomyolysis
How long to the peak of ultra-short acting insulin
This drug increases the risk of hepatitis with statins
Lamivudine drug class
Inhibitor of intestinal brush border cholesterol transport
HIV drug class that causes hyperglycemia and lipodystrophy
HIV drug strongly linked to peripheral neuropathy and lactic acidosis
Name a short-acting insulin
Causes myositis and LFT elevation

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