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Can you figure out this increasingly harder Wreck-It Ralph trivia?

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What is the name of the game Ralph is part of?
What year was this game released (within the context of the film)?
Which company released this game?
What other game did this company release (also within the context of the film)?
When was this game released?
Name any character from this game, other than Vanellope (full name).
Which character from this game claims to be the leader?
What is this character's true identity?
What game does Ralph go to in order to win a medal?
What is the name of the main character in this game?
What are the robotic insects in this game better known as
What is the name of the arcade in which these games reside?
Who provided the voice of Ralph?
Who provided the voice of Vanellope?
Who provided the voice of Felix?
Who is serving as the group leader at Ralph's bad guy meeting?
What saying does Zangief tell Ralph to live by?
Who stops Ralph when he arrives in Game Central Station for the first time?
What type of branches are prone to breaking in the candy forest?
For what does Vanellope mistake Ralph's medal?
What are the names of the two donut police officers?
What is the name of Vanellope's secret hideout?
What type of candy can be found in this hideout?
A song by which artist plays over the end credits?
Name the song.
Who is in charge of security at the kart bakery?
What is the high score on Ralph's game?
Who directed the film?
Who composed the film's score?
Name the animated short that accompanied the theatrical release of the film.
What does the marquis outside the arcade read?
What new game was said to have stolen Turbo's thunder?
What game does Ralph go to in order to unwind at the end of the day?
Name any of the items Ralph finds in the lost and found
What famous Disney character is pictured on the billboard outside the arcade?
What does the billboard say?
Whose kart does Vanellope use to save Ralph?
Which famous video game character provides a public service announcement?
Which famous character had his game unplugged?
To what movie did Wreck-It Ralph lose the Oscar for Best Animated Feature?

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