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One of three groups that populated Britain in the Age of Caesar: Pre-Celtic civilization Northwest of British Isle
Another one of the three groupsNorth of British Isle
Another one of the Pre-Celtic civilizationsSouth of British Isle
Priestly class of the Britons
Anglo-Saxon word for fate
Poetic Synonyms found in Beowolf ('Sin Stained Demon')
Compound Adjectives that point out characteristics (swift-footed)
7 kingdoms set up by Germanic Invaders
Civilization controlling Kent
Civilization controlling Sussex Essex and Wessex
Controled East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria
Island off the Scottish coast where missionaries were sent from to teach the Picts and Angles about christianity
5th or 6th Century military leader who defended Britain against Anglo SaxonsMany Myths surround this character including Monty Python and Holy Grail
Centers of Cultural Intellectual literary artistic and social activityTarget of Viking Raids
Location of Augustinian Monastery
Lowest Class of people in the feudal system
Series of Invastions lead on the Holy LandMany occurred under Richard the Lion Hearted
Birth of ChaucerYear
Lady in waiting to the Queen: Chaucer's Wife
Man who Chaucer was an attendant to in his first jobThis man is the son of King Edward III
Chaucer's lifelong patron and leading political figure
Italian Writer who inspired Chaucer to go to ItalyInferno
The first original writing of ChaucerPaid tribute to Blanche (John of Gaunt's Wife
Chaucer Begins Writing Canterbury TalesYear
Chaucer DiesYear
First tomb in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner is erectedYear
Tall and Big. Muscular with a Red Beard. Musical and good at fighting. BraveTell which Character is being described
Gaping teeth, fat, kerchiefs on her head. Appears to Be religious when in fact she is a ****. Satire: Religious but has had 5 marriagesTell which Character is being described
Fat and Manly. Has the idea that everyone tells their stories. He is kind and courteousTell which Character is being described
Blonde Hair but balding. Compliments people collects relics and tries to act holy on the outside but inside he is conniving and greedy. His goal in life is to collect money Tell which Character is being described
Elegant Nose, Grey Eyes, Small Mouth. Good Singer, Frech Speaking. Courteous, charitable, Arrogant. She is religious but thinks of herself as a queenTell which Character is being described
Curly Locks of Hair. Agile Strong Brave Very Talented. Outgoing, Male PlayboyTell which Character is being described
Not dressed nicely. Full of Honor and Generosity. Modest wise and bold. ChivalryTell which Character is being described
Saint whose shrine is in Canterbury
King Arthur's cousin-Fights Green Knight and Lancelot
A battle Axe used by the Green Knight in battle
A war Horse
She tests Gawain's chivalry by offering many things including a Sash which he takes
Place where the Green Knight will give his return blow to Sir Gawain
Item given to Gawain by the Lady of the Castle thus causing him to break the chivalric code
Poet who wrote in 14th and 15th Centuries: Author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as well as Pearl
Imaginative adventure concerned with noble heroes, gallant love, a chivalric code of honor and daring deeds. Characteristics include Faraway settings, events unlike those of real l
ClueAnswerExtra Info
Code held by knights that idealized faith modesty loyalty courtesy bravery and honor
Medieval knight who travels in search of adventure
Arthur's favorite knight--banished in Le Morte D'Arthur for killing Gawain's brothers
Arthur's Son who tries to take the throne by saying that Arthur is dead
Arthur's Mythical Sword
Man who attempts to deter Modred by threatening to lay a curse on him
Knight appointed by Arthur to throw Excalibur into the lake
Location of King Arthur's tomb in Le Morte D'Arthur
Man who compiled stories regarding Arthur's death
The tudors win the War of the Roses and Henry VII takes the English Throne
Henry VIII ascends to the throne
Henry VIII claims himself as the head of the Anglican Church
King of Britain in the 1540's and 50's. Only son of Henry VIII (Weak and Sickly)Use Roman Numerals
English Queen from 1553-1558. Unpopular for reintroducing Catholicism. Marries Phillip II of Spain and persecuted Protestants
Elizabeth I ascends to the English Thone
Married to King Henry VII at one time. Gave Birth to Elizabeth I
English Queen from 1558-1603 who allowed culture to thrive. Never Married but avoided costly wars, balanced the budget and sent explorers to the new worldUse Roman Numerals
Roman Catholic queen of Scotland who was executed for Conspiracy-Death Sparked Outrage in Spain
Man who helped destroy the invading spanish fleet and so explored the new world: Circumnavigated the globe
King of Spain who sent the Armada to avenge Mary Stuart's deathUse Roman Numerals
Religious Group aiming to simplify the Anglican Church
Elizabeth I dies and James VI of Scotland takes the throne
First of the Stuart Line of England. Took the throne in 1603 under this name. Very kind to the Arts in Englanduse Roman Numerals
Man who thought up the Gunpowder plot of 1605. Attempted to Kill James I and to destroy Parliament
Son of James I. Brought back the divine right of kings, dismissed Parliament and forced England into a civil War. Reign ended in 1645Use Roman Numerals
Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway
Shakespeare is Born
Shakespeare purchases the Globe Theatre
Shakespeare Retires from Theatre
Shakespeare Dies on April 23rd, ____
John Heminges and Henry Condell publish the First Folio Edition
Way of using Nominative Case
Way of using Nominative Case
Way of using Nominative Case
Way of using Nominative Case
Way of using Objective Case
Way of using Objective Case
Way of using Objective Case
Way of using Objective Case
Nominative 1st person singluar
Nominative 2nd Person singluar
Nominative 3rd Person Singluar
ClueAnswerExtra Info
Nominative 1st person plural
Nominative 2nd person plural
Nominative 3rd Person Plural
Objective 1st person singluar
Objective 2nd Person singluar
Objective 3rd Person Singluar
Objective 1st person plural
Objective 2nd person plural
Objective 3rd Person Plural
Possessive 1st person singluar
Possessive 2nd Person singluar
Possessive 3rd Person Singluar
Possessive 1st person plural
Possessive 2nd person plural
Possessive 3rd Person Plural
Phrase beginning with a prepositional phrase. Acts as an adjective or an adverb
Phrase acting as a noun. Usually ending in -ing
Phrase functioning as an adjective. Can be past or present
Phrase acting as a noun adjective or advert. To+ Verb
Division of lines into two parts. Gives Rhythm
King of the Danes
Grendel's Distant Cousin. First to commit a truly evil deed.
Land of the Danes
Beowolf's Uncle who is King of the Geats
Mead hall of Hrothgar
Father of Hrothgar
Father of Beowolf
Time Period of Macbeth
Martin Luther translates the New Testament into German
First Permanent theatre built in London
This theatre is built by
Excessive Pride or arrogance leading to downfall
Group of performers who stood outside the action and commented on the events in a play
The God's retribution at the Tragic hero for defying them
Fatal error in judgement or weakness of a tragic hero which leads directly to their downfall
A small room in the globe theatre above the ceiling that housed musicians and stage hands
Shakespeare's Acting company
Poorest of the three classes who would stand in the dirt floor in front of the stage
Middle Class who went to the theatre
Upper class who had influence on Shakespeare's playwriting
Belief that watching violence will make you less violent

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