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Questions AnswerHint
Who sells soup at the Seam?G----- S--
What is Gale's nickname for Katniss?C----p
At the end, how many children does Katniss have?No hint
What is the last sentence in the epilogue of the hunger games mockingjay?But ----e a-- much ----- ----- -- play
What is the name of the red headed Avox who waits on Katniss in the first book?--v--a
What plant does Katniss compare Peeta to at the end of the last book?D----l---s
Who is Peeta's childhood friend?D--l- C--tw-----
Who designed the bomb that killed Prim?There are two answers
What happened at 10:00 in the 75th annual hunger games?The ---e
Questions AnswerHint
Who is Peeta's father?The -a--r
What is Madge's aunt's nameM-y----e D----r
Who is Madge's father?The -a--r -- -i--r--t 1-
In the first book, what is the head peacekeeper of district 12's name?-r--
How often does a quarter quell happen?Every -- years
How does Madge die?In the ------ of ------- --
Which district is Enobaria from?D------- -
What is Prim's full name?P-----s- ---d--n
At the end of mockingjay, who's idea is it to have a hunger games with the capital children?P---i---- ----

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