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QUIZ: Can you name the Places babe xx and babe xy have dined?

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First Burger. Salivate at the thought.
Where you introduced me to mystery meat
We ate so much that we stumbled through London like hunchbacks (okay maybe that was me) collapsed in bed and couldn't even bang.
Wet clothes and devine Hot Choc
Best Happy Hour? I think so.
Disappointing portions/flavour :( Made up with some bagels and unecessary pies back at Hertha's
Bindu's second treat. Japanese, heated. We should have ordered more shouldn't we?
First happy hour meal, strong cocktails. Great view, and it wasn't just you.
Group Ons galore and Eggs Benedict obsession. You gonna finish that Gratin?
You thirsty?...'Thirsty'
Hash Brown. Enough Said
Conveyor belt fish!
Massive burrito...IN ENGLAND?!
Best Breakfast Bowl EVER. Take me back.
You fed me so much I struggled to walk. The 'chix' pilgrimage.
Fancy Pancakes and sneaky copping a feel up your skirt under the table...
Your favourite coffee place.
Caught bagging the jam!
Cheeseticks and two fingers. hmmmmm
Nausea and a ring for my love. (I know your still plotting revenge for the salmon)
Breakfast Burritos after a brisk walk through campus
I'm telling you right now, we need to go to each and every stall and sample EVERYTHING when you come.
Didn't have a patch on my Risotto...
Afternoon tea buy the sea. Instagramably picturesque.
It's not a hot dog! Serpents buy the burning flames
Eh, kinda overrated but definitely enjoyed. Your treat!
£2 Pints! Let's drink up b
Bindu's first treat. Mexican with Nerves
:O :O Whats that?!!.... 'shaved ice'

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