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Can you name the Star Wars people, places, races, species, or ships using the provided hint?

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Han's companion
First protocol droid seen in Star Wars Ep. 1
'NO, I am your father'
Only clone without growth hormones
Clawdite bounty hunter
Meesa ____-____ _______
Toydarian whom Anakin works for
Chewbacca's race
Original Captain of the Millenium Falcon
Won the Millenium Falcon... a game of _________.
The Millenium Falcon is a YT-####.
Ship Luke is on when Chewbacca gives him the sign
Darth Vader's flagship
First ship type ever seen in the Star Wars universe
Name of the above ship
Second ship type seen in Star Wars
'Use the ______, Luke'
Head of the Jedi Council
A Jedi's weapon
A stormtrooper carries an _-## blaster rifle
Planet on which the Clone Wars started
Capital of the Republic
Chancellor Palpatine's homeworld
Where the first Rebel Base was
Where the second Rebel Base was
Name of the second Rebel Base
What does AT-AT stand for?
What does AT-ST stand for?
What does STAP stand for?
What does LAAT stand for?
Obi-Wan Kenobi's other name
Luke's home planet
Another name for Tusken Raiders
Tatooine's little humanoids
Endor's little humanoids
Wookiee Language
'Hello, I'm C-3PO and this is my counterpart
Jedi with a purple lightsaber
Isn't a Jedi, but uses lightsabers
Leader of the CIS
Darth Sidious's master
Luke's Mother
Nickname of the 501st Legion
In charge of building the Death Star
Red 5
Luke's fighter type
What does ARC in ARC Fighter stand for?
What does TIE stand for?
Creature Han rides on Hoth
Creature sandtroopers ride on Tatooine
Creature the Tuskens ride
Vehicle the Jawas live in
Anakin races in the _______ ___ Classic...
InfoAnswer Qui-Gon can buy a new __________.
'Uncle ____, this droid has a bad motivator.'
Wife of the above answer
Luke's grandmother
'It's a ____!'
Who said above
In what ship was above in?
Species of Rebel spies
Killed by Leia as a slave
This stormtrooper's intercom doesn't work
Planet the Death Star is tested on
What does CIS stand for?
Who wins the Clone Wars: Republic or CIS?
Who wins the Galactic Civil War?
Han Solo's homeworld
The inhabitants of Naboo are called
The other inhabitants of Naboo are called
The inhabitants of Coruscant are called
Bothans live on what planet?
The tree species on Kashyyyk are called what?
Largest ship production planet in the Empire/home planet of KDY
Homeworld of the Hutts
Are you ready for the hardest question? (Type yes)
Ok, here it is. (type ok)
'Death Star' is the code name for this

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