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Can you name the Key Unit 8 Terms for Social Studies American History 2?

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TermStuff you need to know:
 Ideas that are extreme. Labor Unions are radical.
 System of government that creates classless a society. Americans were worried about Communisim coming to America.
 No government
 n economic system that allows private individuals to compete for profit.
 Americans felt suspicious after WWI and wanted to remain isolationist.
 Occurred in 1919 because of racial tension.
 60 countries signed with the attempt to prevent future wars by promising not to make war against one another.
 Studied how factories worked and figured out ways to increase profits.
 Radio, Flyers, Posters, Hollywood
 Changing morals of society and new freedoms for women.
 A rebirth of African American culture centered around the arts.
 Was the ban on making and distributing alcohol which led to widespread lawbreaking. “Noble Experiment” .
 People were forced to question the role of religion in society.
 An example of the government action that reflected Americans attitudes towards immigrants.
 A law that put a system in place for enforcing the ban of alcohol.
 Expanded in the 1920 because of the auto industry.
TermStuff you need to know:
 Innovation allowed for the fashion industry to take off.
 Experiences somewhat prosperous time before the 1920 because the government purchased surplus food for the war effort.
 Marked by organized crime and increased consumer spending.
 After WWI many Americans wanted to stay
 African Americans found equal treatment in the
 held professional jobs in the 1920s
 Boom in the
 Free time was a result of .
 Free time resulted in lots of fads and
 Allowed for Americans to purchase items of luxury for their homes.
 took credit for the prosperity of the 1920s
 Administration was marked by scandals. Died on a speaking tour, trying to keep up his reputation.
 Became president because president Harding died on a speaking tour.
 Last president elected in the 1920s.
 Jazz musician
 Arrested and sent to prison for Tax Evasion.

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