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TermStuff you need to know:
 The party that believed in government ownership of major industries
 A law passed to combat the Spoils System
 The 18th Amendment, the movement to ban alcohol
 The 19th Amendment, right to vote
 The reporters who exposed society’s underlying problems
 Roosevelt’s campaign promise to the American people in 1904
 The belief in the noninvolvement in world affairs
 The belief that the U.S. should increase its influence abroad
 The plan for interacting with other nations (16th Amendment had income tax)
 An independent country under the control of another country
 Trading rights with and in China
 Was meant to demonstrate U.S. power
 Still used today (America helped Panama revolt against Columbia)
 Americans believed that it was their duty to spread civilized life to other parts of the world. An increase in trade could help the U.S. economy. Other European nations were gaining and controlling territory outside their borders.
 The U.S.S Maine explosion lead to the start
 Big Stick Diplomacy, Rough Rider, Conservation, Great White Fleet, Trust buster, Ran in 1912 as Progressive candidate but lost
 Dollar Diplomacy (taxes)
 Moral Diplomacy, Supported the spread of Democracy
 Had a vision for US domination of the Caribbean and the Pacific (Bought Alaska from Russia)
 Believed that sea power was the most important indicator of a nation’s power
 1867, Seward's Folly
 1898, First battle of the Spanish American War
 1904, U.S. helped stage an important revolt for Colombia
 1898, The land in which American sugar planters became powerful
 1898, Image is demonstrating U.S. expansion

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