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TermStuff you need to know
 Share of company available for sale or distribution
 Was a series of programs to aid U.S in time of need, To help Americans who were struggling financially
 Flood of programs enacted in 1935
 Shanty towns established by the homeless
 Years of drought, unsuitable farming methods, high winds
 Four day shutdown of all banks
 Took place in Washington D.C when WW1 Veterans were promised a bonus award to be paid in the 1940s, but asked to be paid now
 Was a week of extreme drops in stock prices, many holders sell shares for whatever they could get
 Major problem was the country facing when president Roosevelt was elected in 1932
 For the jobless and the hungry
 For agriculture and industry
TermStuff you need to know
 To change how the economy works
 Last elected President of the 1920s
 New deal was important because it have people hope that things would get better, Had Polio
 Attacked FDR’s New Deal programs with the slogan “Share Our Wealth”
 CCC To employ men, ages 17-23; jobs included digging ditches, building reservoirs, and planting trees in the nation’s forests
 WPA To employ millions of people, jobs included building bridges, roads, parks, airports, and public buildings
 NIRA To improve working conditions by banning child labor and controlling the number of hours worked per week
 FERA To give state money for work relief programs
 AAA To give financial assistance to farmers
 HOLC To stop banks from foreclosing on people's homes
 Take workers money and puts it away to be received later on in monthly payments when they reach a certain age

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