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In the episode 'The end' Who's funeral is shown?See ya later Alligator!
What flavour are Hitler's sandwiches in the episode 'Timeslides'?
What did Rimmer lose when he was twelve?He cried for weeks.
Name one of the actors who played Holly
How many times did Rimmer write 'I am a fish.' Followed by a funny little dance and fainting.
What is Bob the skutters' wifes name?
Who played the emperor Caligula in the episode 'Meltdown''Silence scum!'
QuestionsAnswers Hint
What is Rimmers full name?
What percent did the Dwarf boys score on the video game in 'Back to reality.''What a bunch of twonks.'
What was Krytens' embarrassment factor in 'the last day'
what does space core directive 1742 state?
What does JMC stand for?
What is Listers all time second worst fear?
Today's fish is ___ _ __ ____'Enjoy your meal!'

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