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''Fire alone can save our Clan.''Into The Wild
'I'm never gonna be a warrior, am I?'Fire And Ice
'I'd rather die than follow you!'Forest Of Secrets
'I only regret that I will miss watching you become what StarClan has destined you to be.'Rising Storm
'You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan.'A Dangerous Path
'In the whole forest, the only cat worth following is Tigerstar.'The Darkest Hour
'Midnight has come.'Midnight
'I'll always be with you, I promise.'Moonrise
'I could see Silverpelt reflected, all the stars shining as clearly as if they were swimming in the sky.'Dawn
'Onewhisker, you must lead the Clan when I am gone.'Starlight
'StarClan told me they would come for me soon.'Twilight
'This is what we have wanted all along, remember? Kill him now!'Sunset
'There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.'The Sight
'i could not leave you here to walk alone, when you walked with me like a brother.'Dark River
'There's something I have to tell you....'Outcast
'A time of great emptiness lies ahead. Nothing will be the same again.'Eclipse
'They are not my kits.'Long Shadows
'I'm not afraid of the truth!'Sunrise
'I know what it's like to have a power no other cat understands. It's the loneliest feeling in the world.'The Fourth Apprentice
'We all make mistakes. Some have echoes that last forever.'Fading Echoes
'I'll pretend I'm still one of them, and I'll find out everything I can about their plans.'Night Whispers
'Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest.'Sign Of The Moon
'Jayfeather killed Flametail!'The Forgotten Warrior
'I would have taken your place if you had let me.'The Last Hope

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