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Can you name the answers to the questions about Percy Jackson book 1?

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Forced Order
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Who is Percy's best friend at the beginning of the book?
Percy kills this person/monster in Chapter 1 with the aid of his Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner.
Percy sees which three 'Old Ladies' cut a string?
Grover turns out to be which mythical creature?
Percy, Sally and Grover are chased by which creature on their way to camp?
The Minotaur captures whcih one of them when he/she explodes into a shower of light?
Percy passes out and is helped to recover by which blond girl?
She is the daughter of which Olympian god/goddess?
Percy's Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, turns out to be whom?
What is the name of the camp Percy joins?
Who is the director of this camp?
Percy is bullied by which camper?
She is the daughter of which god/goddess?
Percy joins this cabin because he has not been claimed yet.
The counselor of this cabin is?
The campers play what war game?
Percy gets attacked by campers of which cabin during the game?
During the game, Percy gets stabbed but recovers due to what?
Percy gets claimed by which Greek god/goddess?
His birth broke an oath saying that Percy's godly parent and these other two gods couldn't have demigod children because they are too powerful?
Percy gets offered a quest because what was stolen?
Who tells Percy his prophecy?
Fill in the blank:'You shall go west, and face the ___ who has turned.'
'You shall find what was ___, and see it safely returned'
'You shall be ___ by one who calls you a friend.'
'And you shall fail to ___ what matters most, in the end.'
Where must Percy go to get the item back?
Who else goes with Percy on the quest?
Percy is given a what by Chiron?
What's its name?
Luke gives Percy a pair of what?
Percy and his companions get attacked by whom on a bus?
The questers feind a Gadren Gnome Emporium run by whom?
They get money for train tickets by turning in what?
They stop to visit what?
Percy gets attacked by whom there?
Who brought along her pet ___?
While in the Mississippi River, Percy gets advice from whom?
Who tells him to go where before completing his quest?
The questers stop at a diner where they are met by whom?
Who tells the to go where and then he'll give them information.
While at this place, they get attacked by what?
Ares gives Percy a what?
He tells them that Percy's mom is being held where?
Percy learns that Grover, Annabeth, Luke and who else tried to make it to the camp?
This person got turned into a what?
The questers get tricked into staying at what hotel?
Which makes ___ seem off?
At the ocean, the nereid gives Percy what?
They enter a store owned by whom?
Who sells ___?
They pass over what to get to the Underworld?
Annabeth distracts who with a red rubber ball?
The flying shoes lead grover toward what pit?
Hades says that this object was also stolen.
Percy finds what in his backpack given to him by Ares?
Percy leaves whom in the Underworld?
Percy gets in a fight with who?
Percy returns what to Hades?
Percy returns the item to Mt. Olympus, which is where?
Percy finds who alive in his apartment?
She turns who into a statue with Medusa's head?
Who betrays Percy and tries to kill him?
Beacuse he is working for whom?
Percy is saved from dying by who?

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