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Can you name the Iron Maiden Song By Animal Lyric?

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Animal LyricSong
'A cunning fox in the chickens lair'
'Fly on your way, like an eagle'
'The albatross falls from his neck'
'The mission complete they make to escape away from the Eagle's Nest.'
'She came to me with a serpent's kiss'
'The seventh lamb slain, the book of life opens before me.'
'The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath'
'Snake eyes in heaven - The thief's in your head'
Animal LyricSong
'Like the eagle and the dove'
'It's my personal snake oil'
'Dying swans twisted wings, beauty not needed here'
'To Golden Goose is on the loose'
'A wolf in a sheep's clothing'
'Crocodile smiles just wait a while'
'Green is the cat's eye that glows - In this Temple'

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