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Can you name the footballers known for their amusing antics?

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Absolute nut. Put a cigar out in somebody's eye
Hilarious African who spits like a camel
Had to pay millions to Chelsea in compensation because of his drug habit
Another Chelsea narcotics user, plays in goal
Sprinted the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of old fans
Claims he will be one of the best strikers in the world...
Yet another drug fueled GK
A German GK known for a hilarious encounter with Drogba
Known for his moonwalk celebration
Goal line sniff celebration
Moroccan wonder-kid who often asks to be substituted
Can't stand his national team or his Aston Villa manager
Dives on his belly when he occasionally scores a goal
A 50 year old Nigerian claiming to be 25
Portuguese defender who was banned for kicking in an opponent whilst playing for Madrid
Went out with a bang... or a head butt.
Got arrested for on field behaviour
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