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HintCharacter's First or Last Name
Seigaku (captain)
Seigaku (prodigy)
Seigaku ('mother' and vice-captain)
Seigaku (acrobatics player)
Seigaku (data player)
Seigaku ('BURNING!')
Seigaku (protagonist's best friend)
Seigaku ('Viper')
Seigaku (protagonist)
Fudomine (captain)
Fudomine (speed player)
Fudomine (speaks in monotone)
Fudomine (white bandana)
Fudomine (doubles partner to [above])
Fudomine ('Front Killer')
Fudomine (doubles partner to [above])
Fudomine (non-player)
St. Rudolph (manager)
St. Rudolph (captain)
St. Rudolph (sibling of Seigaku player)
St. Rudolph (vice-captain)
St. Rudolph (in series, plays doubles with captain)
St. Rudolph (face like a duck)
St. Rudolph (one of the identical twins, brother in Rokaku)
Yamabuki (captain, one of the 'jimmies')
Yamabuki (other of the 'jimmies')
Yamabuki ('Lucky!')
Yamabuki (violent punk)
Yamabuki (looks up to [above], admires Ryoma)
Hyotei (captain, ore-sama)
Hyotei (follows [above], 'usu')
Hyotei (prodigy)
HintCharacter's First or Last Name
Hyotei (acrobatics player)
Hyotei (almost always asleep)
Hyotei (cut off his hair)
Hyotei (second-year partner to [above])
Hyotei (Enbu tennis, wants to become captain)
Josei Shonan (captain, extremely flexible)
Josei Shonan (vice-captain, 'Change Over')
Josei Shonan (one of the Josei twins)
Josei Shonan (other of the Josei twins)
Josei Shonan (greatest 'masterpiece')
Josei Shonan (small body, doubles player)
Josei Shonan (large body, doubles player to [above])
Rokkaku (freshman captain)
Rokkaku (childhood friend of a player from Seigaku)
Rokkaku (bad puns)
Rokkaku (kicks partner for making bad puns)
Rokkaku (nose whistle)
Rokkaku (other of identical twins, brother in St. Rudolph)
Rikkaidai (absent captain)
Rikkaidai (vice-captain, 'Emperor')
Rikkaidai (childhood friend of data player of Seigaku)
Rikkaidai (violent playing style, 'devil mode', tries to defeat Three Demons)
Rikkaidai ('gentleman')
Rikkaidai ('trickster')
Rikkaidai ('FIRE!')
Rikkaidai (admired by sleepy Hyotei player)
Shitenhoji (captain, mastered basics)
Shitenhoji (vice-captain)
Shitenhoji (friend of Fudomine captain)
Shitenhoji (cousin of Hyotei's prodigy)
Shitenhoji (doubles partner of [above])
Shitenhoji (older brother of white bandana player in Fudomine)
Shitenhoji (one of the 'gay' doubles players)
Shitenhoji (other of the 'gay' doubles players)
HintCharacter's First or Last Name
Shitenhoji ('wild' tennis, youngest player on team)
Higa (captain, 'killer', 'hitman')
Higa (vice-captain)
Higa ('big bang' serve)
Higa (only one that plays fairly on team)
American Team (captain)
American Team (German)
American Team (muscular)
American Team (older brother of doubles partner, supported family by performing tricks)
American Team (younger brother of doubles partner)
American Team (cowboy, plays to earn attention of a girl)
American Team (Chinese, kung fu)
Other (father of protagonist)
Other (movie, older 'brother' of protagonist)
Other (local bully, first to challenge protagonist in series)
Other (has a crush on the protagonist)
Other (leader of protagonist's fanclub)
Other ('two years of tennis experience')
Other (hangs out with protagonist and [above])
Other (hangs out with protagonist and [above])
Other (almost becomes Seigaku regular)
Other (former captain of Seigaku)
Other (journalist)
Other (photographer)
Coach (Seigaku)
Coach (Hyotei)
Coach (Josei Shonan)
Coach (Rokkaku)
Coach (Shitenhoji)
Coach (Higa)
Coach (American Team)

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