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QUIZ: Can you name the Main Computer Components?

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Carry out operations, usually more than 2 thousand million per second
Hold and connect the crucial components of the computer
Store variable values and instructions to be used at a later point
Generate 2D and 3D graphics and output them to a display
Most of the time integrated, connect a computer to a network of computers
Supply electricity to a computer's internal components
A form of secondary storage, contains data such as the OS, user documents, etc.
Read (and sometimes write) to an optical disc (eg., DVD)
Cool parts prone to overheating
Main output, shows the result of previous actions and computations, usually has a separate power cord
House all the internal components and provide access to USB ports, Power/Reset buttons, etc.
Input text to a program
Track physical movement along the two horizontal axis and has one or more 'select here' buttons
Connect some internal and most external components together
Output sound
Decode sound
Send instructions to the hardware to alter the INIT state

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