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Crossover SynopsisBefore and After Television Show
Jay, Gloria, Claire, Mitchell, and Phil compete for cash prizes as Richard Dawson hosts
Fonzie brings Richie with him to visit the Horton family
Drew Lachey learns to samba and foxtrot while Nick Lachey competes in army training exercises
Secret Service agents James and Artemus give up protecting President Grant to compete in the jungle with Jenny McCarthy
Teresa, Jacqueline, Caroline, Melissa, and Kathy go clubbing and run into Snooki, Pauly D, and the Situation
Monty Hall tries to get contestants to pick a door while Howie Mandel tries to get contestants to pick a case
Abby Lee Miller joins the judging panel alongside Nigel and Mary
Harriet Korn leaves her law firm run in a shoe store and moves to New York City to work under District Attorney Jack McCoy
Nora Walker, Robert McCallister, Rebecca Harper, and Sarah Laurent become houseguests in a house with surveillance cameras watching their every move
Ryan Murphy and Heidi Klum find new costume designers for a musical dramedy
Crossover SynopsisBefore and After Television Show
Steve Urkel goes to spend a week with Edith and Archie Bunker
Celebrities access their previously unknown family history by answering trivia questions for elementary schoolers
Patti Stanger sets up dates for people pretending to have inherited thousands upon thousands of dollars
The Doctor must stop the Daleks from destroying Tony Micelli and Angela Bower
Erica Kane recieves surgery from Dr. Blake Downs, who wears clown makeup while operating on her
Billy Bush delivers celebrity gossip while playing tic-tac-toe with Tom Bergeron
Leslie Knope tries to stop Eric, Stan, and Kyle from vandalizing signs
Walter White lives in a house full of rebelious young women in order to get some new customers for his methamphetamine business
Tia and Tamera both get married to Kody Brown and must deal with his four other wives
Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney compete to win the heart of Poison frontman Bret Michaels

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