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Jason ______ untangled himself from the thorny vines and tried to stand.
Scientists are unsure whether or not Pluto is _____________ by life or not.
The _____________ rainstorm caused the roads in our neighborhood to flood
When they lost the championship game, the baseball team's
As I was driving home, the ________ sirens of the fire engine told me to move out of the way.
Only one _____________ of my family has lived in Colorado.
Seventh grade students at McAuliffe __________ eight weeks of NHD research.
Sometimes I think running is too ___________; I need more action!
My friends faces were very ______ when I broke my ankle at soccer practice.
When we got stuck in the snowstorm we had to make a __________ shelter.
I have __________ the same house for most of my life.
Nya _______ tremendous hardship just to retrieve water for her family.
The ________ of the new baby kept me up all night!
When I broke my toe, I had to walk _________ so that I did not hurt it again.
My ____________________ when I realized that I hadn't gotten my work done and that I would have to miss my friend's birthday party to catch up.

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