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QUIZ: Can you name the Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode Guide?

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NumberEpisode TitlePlot
1Cory gets made and moves into treehouse.
2Cory works for Feeny to buy a water gun.
3Alan lets Cory stay up late. Cory fails a test the next day.
4Cory's hangs out with outcasts. Experiences first kiss.
5Cory talks Minkus into becoming normal to be in the geography bowl.
6Cory's good grade on a test has unintended consequences.
7Cory's grandma may have shot a man in REno just to watch him die to get him an autographed baseball card.
8Cory thinks Feeny is overpaid, and the two settle for a bet.
9Feeny gives Cory an incomplete future as a baseball player
10Shawn hates Cory's charity for Christmas
11Alan tells Cory and Eric that an activity was cancelled. They feel bad.
NumberEpisode TitlePlot
12Cory discovers Amy is having an affair
13Topanga falls in love with Eric for being a role model in Cory's class.
14Cory feels left out in his family.
15Minkus gets a tattoo. The class learns from Leave it to Beaver.
16Cory learns that there is a price for risking it all.
17Shawn hides at Cory's house after a run in with a mailbox.
18Cory watches television as part of punishment and Eric lies about his license.
19Cory expects more for his birthday than what Alan got him.
20Cory learns that there is no small parts, only small actors.
21Cory gets jealous of Shawn for dating.
22Cory makes Feeny sick, literally.

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