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The States Capital is?
The City With the Largest Population is?
The oldest seashore resort in the u.s, which is located in N.J is what town?
Which N.J city is the auto theft capital of the world, with more stolen cars than NYC & L.A combined?
The States Highest Point is?
The Nickname is?
Some one who lives in N.J is called a?
It is the birthplace of which U.S president?
What is the states motto?
Which N.J city is home to the largest boardwalk in the world?
N.J is home to which proffessional hockey team?
The worlds tallest Roller coaster, Kingda Ka is located in which N.J town
There are ? counties in the state.
The First game of which sport was played in Hoboken N.J
The first submarine was tested in which N.J River?
The light bulb was invented by who in his N.J lab?
This N.J City was home to Both Comedian Lou Costello, and Baseball Player Larry Doby
The T.V show The Jersey Shore is filmed in which beachfront town?

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