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Can you name the 76 players to play for Reds in 1975, 1976, and 1990?

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75&76/CHall of Famer wore #5 and was 68' NL Rookie of Year
75&76/1BHall of Famer wore #24
75&76/2BHall of Famer wore #8
75&76/SS#13 was 5-time Gold Glove shortstop
75&76/3B#14 is the all-time hits leader
75&76/LF#15 displayed a lot of power for Big Red Machine
75&76/CF#20 won 4 consecutive NL Gold Gloves
75&76&90/OFOnly player to appear in game on all three championship teams
75&76/1B#22 fielded last out of Tom Seaver's 78' no hitter
75/PHwas a pinch-hit specialist (mostly for Baltimore in later years)
75&76/CBack-up catcher to #5 on Big Red Machine
75/SSBack-up shortstop to #13 on Big Red Machine
75&76/INFOnce traded to Mets for Tom Seaver
75/UTHis pinch hits are tied for 13th of all time
75&76/OF#33 came over from Houston w/Joe Morgan
75/3BBegan 75' season as regular 3B but later replaced by Rose
75&76/Cwould be catcher for Tom Seaver's 78' no-hitter
75&76/SP#43 came over from Houston w/Joe Morgan
75&76/SP83 Reds Hall of Famer struck out side in major league debut
75&76/SPLosing pitcher of Game 4 of 75' Series vs Boston
75&76/SP#35 would later go on to become Reds pitching coach
75&76/RP#44 gave up Carlton Fisk's game-winning homer in Game 6 '75 series
75/SPAcquired from Padres for Bobby Tolan
75&76/RPReliever for Big Red Machine, his son would later play for Atlanta
75/RP'The Hawk' was inducted into Reds Hall of Fame in 80'
75&76/RP69 draft pick was two-time NL saves leader
75/RP75' reliever later traded to the Pirates
75/SP75' starter was trade acquisition from Twins
75&76/RPwas traded to Expos with Tony Perez
76/RPwas traded by White Sox for Clay Carroll
76/LF#21 was acquired from the Braves
76/Plittle-known pitcher had his contract sold to Toronto
76/LFoutfielder acquired from Montreal
76/UTonly player in mlb history to get 2 hits for 2 different teams in same day
76/P76' NL Rookie of the Year
76/Ptraded to Expos for Shane Rawley
76/P20yo reliever had 5 relief wins for Reds in 76'
90/Chad game-winning hit in Game 2 of 90' series vs Oakland
90/Ctraded to Houston for Bill Doran during 90' season
90/C#55 would only appear in 11 games in the major leagues
90/1Bcaught final out of the 90's series vs Oakland
90/1Bacquired in trade from Yankees for Tim Leary
90/1Bamateur free agent wore #26 for the Reds
90/2B#7 replaced #16 as Reds regular 2B during the season
90/2Bdraft pick famous for not wearing batting gloves
90/2Bscored game-winning run in Game 2 of 90' series vs Oakland
90/SSformer captain of the Reds who was 12-time NL all-star
90/3BNicknamed 'Spuds', he was 88' NL rookie of the year
90/OFset World Series record with his .750 batting average
90/OF#44 was long-time star of the Reds
90/OFspeedy outfielder who scored series-clinching run in Game 4 of 90' series
90/OFtraded to Yankees for Roberto Kelly
90/Ctraded from Expos in the Tracy Jones deal
90/Conce traded from Mets for George Foster
90/UT#10 provided several key pinch hits
90/2Blong-time Astros infielder acquired in mid-season trade
90/UTformer Cub only had 1 at-bat but 1 hit for 90's Reds team
90/OFonce broke a bat across his back after missing a pitched ball
90/OF#36 was a back-up outfielder in '90
90/SPpitched the only perfect game in Reds history
90/RP#43 was member of the Nasty Boys and perished in 1999 auto accident
90/SPtraded from A's for Dave Parker and was the 90' World Series MVP
90/RPNasty Boy acquired from Mets for John Franco
90/SPwas the starting pitcher of 90' All-Star game
90/RPwas later traded to Marlins for Hector Carrasco
90/RPNasty Boy later traded to Seattle for Kevin Mitchell
90/RP#33 made his major league debut in 90'
90/P#42 earlier made 4 consecutive Opening Day starts for Braves
90/P#38 made his major league debut in 90'
90/SP88' NL all-star was traded to Reds for Ted Power
90/Pwas on the mound when Cincinnati won it's 9th straight game to open the season
90/RPwas later traded to Indians for Greg Swindell
90/RP#56 made his debut at 19yo during 90' season
90/SPcame within one strike of perfect game in 88' vs Expos
90/RPNasty Boy wore # 49 and was two-time NL all-star
90/RPwas acquired with Rijo for Parker from Oakland

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