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Can you name the Cincinnati Reds fielders since 2000?

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Years PlayedPosition PlayerExtra Hint
2000 - 2001Gold Glove infielder
2000 - 20021997 2nd round draft pick
2000Free agent selection from Chicago Cubs
2000 - 2001Traded for Todd Walker
2000Played for 1990 World Champions
2000Traded to Boston for Chris Reitsma
2000Opening Day catcher when umpire collapsed
2000 - 2004Long-time shortstop and star of the Reds
2000Third baseman wore the # 10 for the Reds
2000 - 2004 & 2006 - 2008Slick-fielding infielder acquired from Dodgers
2000 - 2003His dad once managed the team
2000 - 2005was known by many as 'The Mayor'
2000 - 2002Shipped to the Mets for Shawn Estes
2000 - 2006long-time catcher for the Reds
2000 - 2001Once selected as expansion pick by Tampa Bay
2000his contract was purchased from Detroit Tigers
2000minor league free agenct pick-up from Rockies
2000infielder once involved in trade with David Wells
2000 - 2008'The Kid' used to roam the grounds in center
2000 - 2001involved in trade that brought Denny Neagle to Reds
2000outfielder acquired in trade with Rockies
2000outfielder later converted into a pitcher by another team
2000 - 2001his homerun spoiled an opposing team's no-hitter in late innings
2001once played for the Dallas Cowboys
2001 - 2002came to Cincinnati from Colorado for Alex Ochoa
2001 - 20041997 1st round draft pick from LSU
2001 - 2002Involved in trade that brought Ryan Dempster to Cincinnati
2001This infielder/outfielder once played for Kansas City
2001acquired by Cincinnati in the Todd Walker trade
2001 - 2003this catcher was free agent acquisition from Arizona
2001 - 2004 & 2009this catcher has served two stints with Reds
2001He was around for a little while until claimed on waivers by Boston
2001 - 2002former Cubs outfielder was packaged to bring Estes to the Reds
2001 - 2008Texan outfielder who packed plenty of pop in his bat
20012001 infielder came to Reds as minor league free agent from Cleveland
2002acquired from Tigers in the Dmitri Young deal
2002 - 2003infielder came to Reds from Cleveland for Ben Broussard
2002 - 2006Kentucky product involved in 'The Trade' in 2006.
2002 - 2005He's how we got Bronson Arroyo
2002 - 2003outfielder acquired from Phillies for Hector Mercado
2002 - 2003He was involved in trade that brought Edwin Encarnacion
Years PlayedPosition PlayerExtra Hint
2002 - 2003Former Oakland outfielder once traded for Aaron Harang
2000His dad was once the Cincinnati third baseman
2003 - 2008utility player known for his hustle
2003 - 2005this former White Sox infielder played 2B for the Reds
2003 - 2006infielder claimed on waivers by Toronto from Reds
2003 - 2006involved in three-team trade with Elmer Dessens
2003Arkansas outfielder was 23rd round pick in 2000 draft
2003Good friend of Sean Casey, his contract was purchased from Brewers
2003 - 2004came to Reds from White Sox for Scott Sullivan
2003outfielder who was murdered during 2003 off-season
20033B was minor league free agent pick up from Cardinals
2003 - 2005This Hawaiian was second round draft pick in 2000
2003outfielder came to Reds for Kelly Stinnett
2004infielder came to Reds from Texas Rangers
2004free agent pick up from Milwaukee and played outfield
2004 - 2005infielder came from Phillies for Todd Jones
2004 - 2008this pinch-hit specialist spent several years with Reds behind plate and at 1B
2004outfielder was free agent pick up from San Diego Padres
2004 - 2005outfielder acquired on waivers from Tampa Bay
2004 - 2005infielder was pick up from Detroit and good pinch-hitter
2005former Cardinal played shortstop for the Reds
2005 - 2009was the regular third baseman dealt for Scott Rolen
2005little-known infielder acquired from Orioles
2005hit Opening Day game-winning homerun in 2005.
2005 - 2006outfielder sent to Oakland for Marcus McBeth
2005Venenzuelan played second base for Reds
2005fleet-footed outfielder claimed on waivers by Nationals
2005Venenzuelan was a seldom-used catcher for the Reds
2005 - 2006all-star infielder once played for both Giants and Padres
2006seldom-used infielder came over in 'The Trade' with Nationals
20062006 Opening Day first baseman with the Reds
2006 - 2008outfielder sent to White Sox for Corky Miller
2006outfielder with little power once played for Diamondbacks
2006 - 2008catcher acquired from Padres for Bobby Basham
2006 - 2008first baseman was free agent pick up from Oakland
2006good pinch-hitting outfielder picked up in trade with Cleveland
2006Received in trade with Dodgers and wore # 16
2006 - 2007outfielder was free agent pick up from Detroit and currently plays for White Sox
2006infielder was once a hero from Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series
2006 - presentslick-fielding 2B who wears # 4
2006former Giants infield prospect who was also involved in 'The Trade'
Years PlayedPosition PlayerExtra Hint
2006outfielder was waiver pick up from Nationals and only played for Reds in 2006 season
2007 & 2009slick-fielding shortstop who once wore # 13 in honor of Dave Concepcion
2007infielder was free agent pick up from Padres
2007Infielder acquired in trade with Tampa Bay for Brian Shackelford
2007outfielder was waiver claim from Seattle and would only spend two months with Reds
2007split time between 1B and OF and was once a hero for the Marlins
2007 - presentCanadien-born 1B who wears # 19
2007catcher was a free agent pick up from Milwaukee and later sold to Dodgers
2007seldom-used catcher who had a grand slam for the Reds
2007 - 2008infielder who was traded to Astros for Drew Sutton
2007Rule 5 'find' for Reds and later traded for Volquez
2007infielder was free agent pick up from Texas Rangers
2007infielder was waiver claim from White Sox and later claimed off waivers by Toronto
2007infielder came to Reds from Arizona for Abe Woody
2007short-time outfielder who came to Reds in trade with Cubs
2007 - presentthis catcher wears the # 29
2008 - 2009this infielder came to Reds from White Sox for Ken Griffey Jr.
2008 - presentthis infielder wears the # 23
2008shortstop wore # 54; minor league free agent pick up from Cardinals
2008former Yankees' 1B prospect who spent a while with Reds
2008 - presentoutfielder who wears # 32; former Reds minor league player of the year
2008 - presentutility player wears # 26; acquired in Adam Dunn deal
2008former Cubs prospect was Reds Opening Day outfielder in 2008
2008 - presentoutfielder who wears # 21 and has power and speed
2008 - 2009infielder signed twice as free agent with Reds and was later traded to Yankees during 2009 season
2008catcher was originally drafted by Reds and was former catcher for Cubs
2008 - presentinfielder wears # 7 who made a pitching debut in 2009
2009 - presentOpening Day centerfielder who wears # 3
2009 - presentoutfield prospect who wears # 6
2009 - presentinfielder who wears # 15 was once an Astros' prospect
2009 - presentoften-used centerfielder who wore # 16
2009outfielder was once a huge prospect in the Rangers' organization
2009 - presentinfielder played for World Champion Cardinals
2009 - presentoutfielder acquired in mid-season trade with Seattle
2009former Reds' prospect catcher who was claimed on waivers by Baltimore following season
2009 - presentoutfielder was free agent pick up from Tampa Bay and later provided a lot of power with his bat
2009 - presentcatcher who was traded to Reds for Ryan Freel; he wears # 55
2009free agent 1B wore # 60 in 2009 with Reds
2009 - present3B prospect who debuted for Reds in 2009 and has a lot of potential

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