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Can you name the answer to the following Mizzou (University of Missouri) trivia questions?

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What was the original name of 'Mizzou Arena'?
What is the only other university (along with Mizzou) to have a player selected in the 1st round of the 2009 NFL, MLB and NBA Drafts?
The largest crowd ever recorded at Memorial Stadium occurred in a game against what team?
What Mizzou sports great hit the first night home run (in the first night at-bat) at Wrigley Field on August 8, 1988?
Number of states represented by current Mizzou students
What football player is Mizzou's highest ever selection in the NFL Draft?
Who is the 'Father of the University'?
The hands-on, experience-based teaching Mizzou employs is deemed what?
The Pacemaker Award, which is considered the Pulizer Prize of collegiate journalism, has been won on two occasions by which MU publication?
MU's opponent in the 1911 Homecoming Game...
What is the highest national ranking a Mizzou football team has ever finished?
What annual Columbia event recently made ESPN's list of '101 Things All Sports Fans Must Experience Before They Die'?
Only person to ever coach football, baseball, track, and basketball at Mizzou
How many secret societies participate in Tap Day?
What was the 2009 Homecoming Theme?
What is the name of the stadium in which the Missouri baseball team plays?
Following the 1892 fire, University of Missouri nearly moved to what city?
The University of Missouri's current chancellor...
Finish this verse of the Mizzou Alma Mater... Proud art thou in classic beauty, Of thy noble past; With thy watchwords, Honor, Duty, _ _ _ _ _!
What is the name of the stadium in which the Mizzou Football team plays?

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