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Samantha's Pet Name
Color of Zombies eyes while Samantha is in control
Color of Zombies eyes while Richtofen is in control
The location of Mob of the Dead
Mob of the Dead Boss
Blundergat Pack-a-Punched
Acid Gat Pack-a-Punched
MOTD Easter Egg name
The amount of bus stops in Tranzit
The amount of weapons in the Town in Tranzit
The amount of areas in Tranzit
First ever Wonder Weapon
Wonder Weapon first introduced in Der Riese
Wonder Weapon first introduced in Kino Der Toten
Wonder Weapon in Five
Wonder Weapons in Call of the Dead
Wonder Weapon in Shangri-La
Wonder Weapon in Moon
Shadows of Evil Boxers district
Burlesque Dancers district
Cops district
Shadows of Evil specialist Weapon
Burlesque Dancer
Amount of Wonder Weapons in Der Eisandrache
Original Bow name
Type of Bow element
Type of Bow element
Type of Bow element
Type of Bow element
Dr Monty's real name
The Shadowman's real name
The amount of maps in Revelations
Where is Pack-a-Punch located
Where is Double Tap located
Where is Widows Wine located
Where is Stamin-Up located
Who is the real mastermind behind the Zombies Storyline

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