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Can you name the Art based upon its user and effect?

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Dunban (Sacrifice HP to fill Talent Gauge)
Dunban (Final Blow = Forced Topple on surrounding enemies)
Melia (Doubles range of Elemental Discharges)
Riki (Poisons Enemy)
Dunban (Damage in circular area around Dunban)
Shulk (Negate devastating damage from enemy Talent Arts)
Fiora (Inflicts Daze on Mechon)
Reyn (Damage in circular area around Reyn)
Fiora (Aura that gradually restores HP)
Melia (Increases Ether strength of Party)
Reyn (Causes Knockback)
Shulk (Halve Physical and Ether damage taken)
Dunban (Use after Gale Slash to inflict Break)
Shulk (Sacrifice HP to fill Talent Gauge)
Riki (Steal an item from an enemy)
Dunban (4-hit Combo Talent Art)
Shulk (Double damage from behind)
Dunban (Inflicts Bleed)
Shulk (Double damage against Mechon)
Reyn (Aura that lowers physical defense and raises strength)
Fiora (Talent Art that changes depending upon foot equipment)
Riki (Inflicts Blaze)
Sharla (Reduces Aggro)
Fiora (Inflicts Daze)
Sharla (Inflicts Daze)
Reyn (Inflicts Daze)
Fiora (Triple damage From behind)
Riki (May inflict confuse on Mechon from the side)
Sharla (Raises Tension of one party member)
Riki (3-Hit Combo, Inflicts Break)
Melia (Causes Knockback and Slow)
Fiora (Forces Topple with very high tension)
Reyn (Boosts damage for next Art used)
Melia (Unleash a Summoned Elementals)
Sharla (Heals small amount of HP for the entire party)
Melia (Use after Spear Break to force Topple)
Riki (Fills Party Gauge if there is high Tension)
Fiora (Inflicts Break)
Melia (Sacrifice own HP to heal a party member)
Sharla (Instant death on a Dazed enemy)
Melia (Grants Regenerate Buff to entire party)
Sharla (Inflicts Break)
Reyn (Inflicts Topple)
Riki (Higher damage with more enemy Debuffs)
Reyn (Draws Aggro while inflicting damage)
Dunban (Inflicts Topple)
Shulk (Aura Seal)
Sharla (Significantly heals one party member)
Shulk (Inflicts Break and Slow from the side)

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