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The great wars of Tellius have awoken me and I must have order restored to the land
I am prince of Altea and wielder of The Falchion
Why won't Skrimir ever listen to my advice? He is way too stubborn sometimes
I'm a simple country girl, but I'm none too proud of my upbringing
I hail from the village of Ram and I must stop the Dozah rebels
I am the prince of Renais and I must defeat Grado
I don't know if I ever want to rule Ostia, I'm not nearly as politically-minded as my brother
I was raised alongside my childhood friend Alm
I am known by a few names, but most call me the 'Silver Haired Maiden'
I must complete my mission! Maybe then I'll win my mother's love.
When I'm around, no harm shall befall Micaiah
I was a dracoknight for Begnion, but before I tell you more, I'm taking a nap
Call me a bad guy for killing my father, but maybe if he hadn't tried to kill me as a boy...
A duel with Ike? I'm always up for that! He'd better not go easy on me!
I am the prince of Chalphy Castle and a Holy Knight in the kingdom of Grannvale
I am destined to conquer Ylisse in the name of the Valmese Empire
I can't believe everything around here thinks I'm Shanan...foolish people
I am the general of the Begnion army and shall never question an order given to me
So I hear that my father was a great man within Grannvale's House Chalphy. I wish I could meet him now, but I've been stuck in Tirnanog for so long
My uncle can be pretty scary, some people even call him 'The Sword Demon'
I'm fighting to avenge my ravaged village and I hope to grow up to be as strong as my dad
I am known as the White Wolf, and I administer the justice of the Black Fang
Gambling makes everything more exciting. Life just wouldn't be as fun without it
Hand... Hungers...
I'm just a simple wood cutter. What did I do to deserve my siblings being kidnapped?
No one seems to understand me except for Lilina
I must kill The Black Knight to avenge my father's death
If I don't honor the blood pact I entered into, my people will die
I have to kill you now, don't take it personally
My wyvern and I hail from Daein and I really dislike the Laguz...I don't know why, I guess I was just raised that way.
I'm more than willing to help Prince Marth's long as Arran isn't there
No hard feelings
After the fall of Leonster, I fled with my friends Finn and Nanna to the village of Fiana
I've come back in time to prevent a cataclysmic future
I must have the beauty of the Heron clan!
I have to find my sister. I can't believe she would become a traitor to Bern
The massacre at Leonster left me with the duty of raising two children
Whenever I see Naesala, I'm going to kill him!
Curse the Dawn Brigade! They keep eluding my grasp somehow
With the power of the fire dragons, I will rule all of Elibe!
I'm only teaming up with Lord Hector to exact my revenge against Ostia
I will do ANYTHING to see my wife live once again...
I really don't care much for my why did I come back to this mercenary group?
I know I was almost hanged, but my haircut doesn't look too bad
I don't care how dire the situation is. If you don't have the money, then you don't have my services
Heh heh. This second Holy War will give exactly what I need to revive Lord Loptyr
I can't talk hungry...
If I can harness this dark magic, I can cure disease in the world and even raise the dead!
How could my brother do something so horrible?! I mean, he already killed our father and now he sides with the enemy?!
I am my master's ultimate creation and will fight until my power consumes me
How could my father just leave me here to fight these, these peasants?!
I'll take on any mercenary work...for a fee!
My mother is a horrible person! I mean, how could she just abandon me?!
As head of the Royal Knights of Crimea, I fight to protect the Queen
As soon as my research is complete, the Laguz will become the ultimate soldiers!
Forget what my brother says! Attack now and ask questions later!
Our country has always been and forever will be neutral. No one shall trespass and change this.
I know I can't disobey orders, but I won't let Nyna be executed like this
My poor husband has been...corrupted and has become The Mad King's servant
Does anyone else keep the same appearance upon promotion?
My twin brother is such a goody two shoes. I guess that's why he didn't take up cool dark magic like me
How did my daughter get picked to appear in Smash over me?
Hello? Am I the only female Hero out there?
I don't care if the Lifis Pirates are paying me, no one is taking advantage of Safy

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