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Forced Order
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I got the whole block wishing they could run with my division
Now don't you sell me no future, don't you sell me your love
Time has come and gone for words, a thousand threats I've heard before
Here comes the new kid on the block, hold all your bets, here's where the buck stops
You got your rules and your religion all designed to keep you safe
History teaches and I wrote the book
Can you dig it, sucka?
I'm just climbing up slowly, I'm the one and only
Run away if you see me
Dreams you never lived and scars never healed
I can't be weak, coming from the streets at the ghetto
Out of time, so say goodbye
I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool
When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside
For those about to rock, and what you want
All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
I hold your life in my hands, though you try hard to understand
Know your role and shut your mouth
What you're mad about, no one knows and no one cares
Too much wasting time, ain't gonna waste no more
You think that you're better? Well you better get ready to bow to the masters
I got the looks, that drive the girls wild
I like to sing with the radio
Drop to my knees when hope ran out
The wonder of the world is gone, I know for sure
Step up, cause you're the next one in line for the kill
I can't allow, you to think you can just walk away
Yeah, you fight for air and struggle just to breathe
I'm sick of all these people talking out their heads
It's all about control, and if you can take it

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